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Main Objectives:
The Senior Outdoor Adventurer Programmes (optional) provides Sec 3 and 4 students oveseas Leadership training to widen the horizon through experiential learning. Outdoor Education Team provides various programmes in Term 2 and Term 3 for students to opt for their choice of programme.

Term 2 Programmes

T2 OB Taiwan
T2 OB Sabah (Selected Sec 3 Leaders Only)
T2 OB Nepal
T2 Perak Adventure
T2 Gunung Tahan
T2 Hainan
T2 Canoe (Singapore)

Term 3 Programmes

T3 OB Sabah (Selected Sec 3 Leaders only)
T2 OB Lumut
T3 Taman Negara

More detailed write up for each programme can be found in the various links on the right.