T3 OB Lumut

The programme will be conducted at Teluk Batik, Lumut, Perak where the school is perched on jungle cliffs. It has a panoramic view of the Malacca Straits where participants will hear, see and feel the serene beauty of Perak’s unique environment. The adventure component includes a jungle trekking expedition and a kayaking expedition.

The cultural component includes a visit to the historical sites from the Dutch Fort on Pulau Pangkor to the kampong museum at Pasor Salak.

Map of Lumut

Level of difficulty and toughness of camp :

1 – Manageable with basic fitness
2 – Basic adventure excitement with minimal fitness conditioning
3 – Good to condition yourself in order to enjoy the adventure excitement
4 – Definitely need to condition yourself up to meet the challenge

Details of programme

Date: 20th (Sat) to 29h August 2011 (Mon)
Venue: Lumut, Perak
Transport: By Bus
Cost per trip: To be confirmed