Perak Adventure

PERAK , a newly discovered adventure destination! Besides being traditionally and more commonly known as the place where juicy pomelos, crunchy seedless guavas, smooth hor fun and aromatic white coffee origin… Today, it has become a hot spot for adventure enthusiasts!

Come on! Get on the river and get wet & wild with us on the white waters of Sungai Kampar ! After that, you can gear up and abseil off the beautiful Ulu Geruntum waterfalls, amidst a natural jungle setting. Not enough?! Then get down and dirty in the large caverns of Gua Tempurung , trek through the platform sections and then into the dark depths of the cave… you crawl out half submerged in water, aided only by the light coming from your torch.

Whilst Sungai Kampar is not comparable to the high volume rivers of Nepal , it does offer a half day of adrenalin fix. With the ease of access from the NS Plus Highway and being only 26km south of Ipoh Town , this will be your next adventure destination!

Map of Perak

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Level of difficulty and toughness of camp :

1 – Manageable with basic fitness
2 – Basic adventure excitement with minimal fitness conditioning
3 – Good to condition yourself in order to enjoy the adventure excitement
4 – Definitely need to condition yourself up to meet the challenge

Details of programme

Date: To be confirmed
Venue: Perak
Transport: By Bus
Cost per trip: To be confirmed