7 Days Gunung Tahan Summit Climb


Gunung Tahan at 2,187 metres above sea level is located in the Tahan Range and is the largest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia located in the state of Pahang. Here resides in the virgin rain forest of one of the world's oldest undisturbed jungle and ecosystems that existed for more than 130 millions years.

This is an arduous trek demanding good physical fitness and mental determination, in additional to well maintained equipment, thorough preparation and sound leadership. Weight is crucial when it has to be carried for many days, so food should have minimal packaging and moisture content. To protect the forest, timber fires are not permissible and cooking gas or fuel must therefore be carried as well. All rubbish must be accounted for except for materials that can be burn. It is best to eliminate all non essential packaging before leaving base camp.

We'll scale the summit via the less frequented route of the park from Merapoh.

Sungai Relau to Gunung Tahan via Merapoh

Start : Ranger Station Sungai Relau

Finish : Ranger Station Sungai Relay

Duration : 5 days return trip

Conditions : Lower altitudes : rainforest and rivers. Higher altitudes : mountain ridges and gullies. Cold at night on the peak.

The start of our unforgettable journey to Gunung Tahan is via the western access to which is along way from the main access at Kuala Tahan. This trial is also much shorter than the main access at Kuala Tahan, and it'll take just five days to reach the summit. It is affectionately known as the the “West Side Story” by climbers. Getting to the Ranger Station at Sungai Relau is via Merapoh on the Kuala Lipis to Gua Musang road in Pahang State . The Ranger Station is just 6 kilometres off the main road and the swing bridge here is the last sign of civilization for five days. The trail passes through lowland rainforest to the forest campsite at Camp Koh besides a river. It involves seven river crossings, usually only knee deep. As it goes higher, the trail becomes steeper and at some slopes, ropes have been prepared to assist climbers.

Tropical trees will be moss covered as you go into higher altitude. As you get nearer to the peak, vegetation will get thinner, taking over from the rainforest is the highland plateaus of enthralling bonsai vegetation. The view is spectacular from the top of the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia . Camps will be set up at Camp Kor and Camp Kubang by the porters and guide with help from climbers. Climbers are required to carry a substantial amount of weight and therefore pre training is essential to conquer Gunung Tahan!

Map of Gunung Tahan

Interesting Interviews

Zach Lim 3I2, Khor Kai Sherng 3I3 and Teo Ming Jie 3I2

Benjamin Tang Hao Zhe 3O3

Level of difficulty and toughness of camp :

1 – Manageable with basic fitness
2 – Basic adventure excitement with minimal fitness conditioning
3 – Good to condition yourself in order to enjoy the adventure excitement
4 – Definitely need to condition yourself up to meet the challenge

Details of programme

Date: To be confirmed
Venue: Gunung Tahan
Transport: By Train ( from Tanjong Pagar Train Station)
Cost per trip: To be confirmed