6) Programme DETAILS

Secondary 1 Camp
The objective of the Secondary One Camp is to build team work among students.

Secondary 1
Programme Outline
Ø Team-building activities

Secondary 2 Camp – OBS Singapore
The main objectives of the OBS course are pegged to complement the Ministry of Education’s desired learning outcomes for secondary schools.

The five key learning outcomes of the course are:
Ø Have moral integrity
Ø Have care and concern for others
Ø Believing in one’s own ability
Ø Be enterprising and innovative
Ø Be able to work in team and value every contribution

Secondary 2
Programme Outline
Outward Bound Singapore
Ø Basic Kayaking
Ø Trust-building activities
Ø Artificial Rockwall climbing
Ø Packing for land expedition.
Ø Abseiling

Secondary 3 and 4 Camps (Sample Programmes)

Provide overseas leadership training to widen the horizon of students through Experiential Learning.

Level of difficulty and toughness of camp:

1 – Manageable with basic fitness
2 – Basic adventure excitement with minimal fitness conditioning
3 – Good to condition yourself in order to enjoy the adventure
4 – Definitely need to condition yourself up to meet the challenge

Secondary 3 & 4
Programme Outline
Outward Bound Brunei
Ø Activity base – Temburong
Ø Height Elements
Ø White water kayaking / Rafting
Ø Tree canopy walk at the National Park Centre
Ø Jungle trekking expeditions
Ø Explore Educational, Historical and cultural sites
Ø Service Learning Project
Ø Level of toughness: 3

Outward Bound
Ø River tracing in wet suits
Ø Mountain climbing
Ø Base camp upon reaching, before mobile camp out for the rest of the expedition
Ø Level of toughness: 3-4
(pre-trip physical conditioning may be

Secondary 3 & 4
Programme Outline
Outward Bound Mongolia
Ø Rock climbing and cliff abseiling
Ø 4 days and 3 nights of trekking through Mongolia green plains
Ø Stay in Mongolian Gers in base camp, tents during trekking
Ø Diet high in dairy content
Ø Unpredictable weather conditions
Ø CIP in local school
Ø Cultural experience
Ø Level of toughness: 3

Ø Track along Guannan coastal line.
Ø Discover the mangrove forest’s conditions, local villagers’ fish & prawn culture activities and traditional salt making ponds
Ø Climb and adventure Wuzhishan (1868meters above sea level)
Ø Farming experience: Harvest in the padi field and work with villagers on irrigation channel upgrading project
Ø School visit – e.g. Wenchang High School & Haikou Hua Qiao High School
Ø Learn to make and fly “Kong Ming lantern”
Ø Homestay in village
Ø Visit Asia Pacific Brewery
Ø Level of toughness: 1-2

Secondary 3 & 4
Programme Outline
Gunung Tahan Summit Climb
Ø Full gear trekking with local guide
Ø River-crossing and undulating tropical forest terrain
Ø Full stay in tents throughout
Ø Conduct pre-trip physical conditioning sessions for students
Ø Level of toughness: 3-4
(pre-trip physical conditioning needed)

Taman Negera Adventure
Ø White water rafting
Ø Canopy Walk
Ø Caving
Ø Day trekking
Ø Level of toughness: 2-3

Perak Adventure
West Malaysia

Ø White-water rafting
Ø Waterfall abseiling
Ø Caving
Ø Level of toughness: 2-3

Canoe Certification Camp
Ø 1-Star Certification course for 3 days
Ø 2-day 1-night canoe camp
Ø Level of toughness: 3